Quiz: Does your writing embrace the 4 C’s?

Improve your prose with tips and pointers from the experts at this April 5 virtual summit.

Writing webinar

Glamorous Instagram shots and funny YouTube videos are certainly effective ways to grab attention, but many communicators forget the power that great writing still wields.

What’s the key to ensuring your prose can compete with visual content? One vital benchmark is whether it embraces the 4 C’s.

The experts at The 2019 Writing and Editing Skills Virtual Summit believe writing should always be:

  1. Clear. Cut out jargon and unnecessary words that complicate your message.
  2. Concise. Short attention spans make it crucial that you get to the point quickly.
  3. Compelling. Use emotional appeals that inspire audiences to act.
  4. Creative. Think innovatively to craft copy that grabs and holds attention.

Discover how to ensure that your writing checks these boxes during this can’t-miss virtual summit on April 5. Without leaving your desk, you’ll get the skills you need to be a faster, more persuasive writer.

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