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Ted Curtin

Ted Curtin

Chief Innovation Officer - Prodigy Works

Ted Curtin is the chief innovation officer at ProdigyWorks, a creative ideation and global innovation lab that grew out of a partnership with Mensa. ProdigyWorks taps into an exclusive global network of High-IQ thinkers, creative geniuses, and industry experts to quickly build out robust innovation pipelines and deliver transformative innovation opportunities for some of the world’s biggest companies and best-loved brands. Audiences benefit from Ted’s passion for accelerating innovation, pushing creative boundaries, breaking through organizational innovation barriers and moving companies ahead of competitors by tapping into high-level cognitive and cultural diversity. Ted’s ability to address real-world examples of breakthrough innovation success across a variety of industries makes him extremely relevant to a range of marketing, insights and business executives across Food/Bev, CPG, Toys, Tech, Health and more.