Report: Primary goal of internal comms is to engage, not inform

Surprised? In this Ragan benchmarking report, you’ll learn what else your peers are doing, how they rate their performance, and what their priorities and frustrations are.

How to engage employees with internal comms

Did you know that the primary goal of most internal communication departments is not to inform employees, but to engage them and improve the culture?

Or that more than half of organizations don’t measure their internal communications?

Such are the conclusions of a survey by Ragan Communications and Staffbase involving hundreds of internal communicators. A free download on the survey results, “Communicators’ struggles, strengths and successes,” is available free.

The report offers rare benchmarking opportunities, revealing how internal communicators rate their performance. It delves into their hopes and fears for the industry, and it shows how well they think they are doing.

More than 300 participants revealed the secrets of how well they are doing—information they might hesitate to share with their leaders.

For example, participants revealed whether they are getting sufficient executive support, and what percentage of their content they think is relevant to their employees. (Not everyone thinks they are doing a great job in this area.)

Communicators opened up about their most and least effective channels, and how well they are doing in segmenting their communications by geography, job title or other factors.

Segmenting isn’t easy.

“We have various target audiences,” one respondent says, “and it is difficult to segment the content and the media channels to tailor the needs of each specific audience.”

Conducted in early 2019, the survey drew participants from agriculture and mining, health care and pharmaceuticals, government, university and the defense industry, among many other lines of work.

The report reveals:

  • That many internal communicators need to step up their measurement game—or risk irrelevance
  • The priorities for your colleagues across an array of sectors
  • How widespread the problem is of attempting to reach all employees—including hard-to-reach staffers on hospital floors, in factories or at remote worksites
  • Whether your non-centralized comms department—scattered across geographic locations—is the norm or in the minority
  • How email fares against other channels
  • What the three greatest content-creation challenges are for internal communicators
  • The extent to which organizations are targeting content

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