Report: The 5 brands that could perish in 2012

A survey of American consumers is bad news for these major organizations. Do you think they’ll make it?

‘Tis the season for lists, lists and more lists. There are lists that you want to be on. And then there’s the list from marketing consultancy Prophet of the five companies most likely to be gone by 2015.

The company surveyed 5,000 U.S. consumers, who gave their opinions on which companies they thought would not exist in 2015.

Here are the dubious five:

• Eastman Kodak: 27 percent
• Netflix: 19 percent
• U.S. Post Office: 18 percent
• Research In Motion: 14 percent
• Sears: 11 percent

What do each of these companies have in common? Four of the five had to deal with recent PR disasters:

Kodak tied itself to real housewives.

Netflix alienated its customer base.

The Post Office announced poorly received comprehensive changes.

RIM handled a massive Blackberry outage in October … very poorly.

Meanwhile, Sears just got a bunch of money from the (broke) state of Illinois legislature to keep its headquarters in suburban Chicago, instead of relocating to another state. The governor may veto the legislation.

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