Report: YouTube branded content views up 55 percent from 2014

More users than ever before are looking at videos uploaded by brand managers, according to the social media platform’s first content report.

If video isn’t a major part of your content strategy, it should be.

That’s one major conclusion you can take from YouTube’s first report on branded content. Consider some of the report’s findings, which looks solely at the top 100 brands that use the platform:

Brands published four of the top 10 trending videos on YouTube in 2014.

Monthly views of branded content are up 55 percent since 2014.

Branded videos saw 18 billion views in 2014.

Branded channel subscriptions increased 47 percent from last year.

The average amount the top 100 advertisers spent on branded content is up 60 percent this year, and the number of advertisers increased by 40 percent over last year.

Of the branded videos posted in the last year, 10 percent were more than 10 minutes long.

Thursday is the most popular day of the week for brand managers to upload videos.

For more, check out Google’s blog post about the report here, as well as the infographic on YouTube’s top 100 brands by Pixability below.

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