Responses Needed: How is AI changing your professional life?

Whether you’re embracing the tech or sticking to the human touch, we need to hear from you.

AI communications survey from Ragan and The Conference Board

Is AI a useful tool, a paradigm-shifting gamechanger or something you’re not even exploring yet?

Wherever you fall on this spectrum, we want to hear about it.

Ragan Communications and The Conference Board have partnered on a new survey, the next part in a series, to better understand how communicators like you are incorporating these tools today — and how they might continue to evolve in the future. This brief, 8-question survey will help our entire industry plan for an ever-changing future.

Please share your thoughts by September 26. All respondents will receive the complete report in late October.

Thanks for sharing your expertise!

Take the survey now.


One Response to “Responses Needed: How is AI changing your professional life?”

    katie kretschmer says:

    AI doesn’t have a real role in my primary professional work at this point, and I don’t see that changing too quickly in part because of the specific security and privacy issues we have. Daily Headlines

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