Samsung ‘regrets’ forcing bloggers to promote company

The electronics giant flew two Indian bloggers to Berlin to cover a conference as reporters. When they arrived, the men learned their role would be much different.

It’s not been a good couple of weeks for Samsung. First, a jury told the company that it owes Apple $1 billion for ripping off the iPhone. Now, a pair of Indian bloggers is accusing Samsung of stranding them in Berlin after they “protested about advocating Samsung products,” according to London’s Daily Mail. The bloggers were flown to the IFA conference, which is the second-largest consumer electronics show in the world (behind CES), assuming they would attend the event as reporters. But the bloggers claim they were put to work and forced “to operate as Samsung representatives against their will,” according to The Next Web. Samsung has apologized to the bloggers and put out this statement:

“Samsung Mob!lers is a voluntary community of active Samsung mobile device users, who are offered the opportunity to participate in our marketing events across the world. At these events, all activities they undertake are on a voluntary basis. No activities are forced upon them. “We regret there was a misunderstanding between the Samsung Mob!lers coordinators and the relevant blogger, as we understand he was not sufficiently briefed on the nature of Samsung Mob!lers’ activities at IFA 2012. We have been attempting to get in touch with him. “We respect the independence of bloggers to publish their own stories.”

The Next Web published the full email Samsung sent to one of the bloggers in which the company “deeply apologized” for the experience. A Samsung employee allegedly told the duo that “none of this should leave Berlin or reach India.” So much for that. Kevin Allen is a contributing writer to (Image via & via)

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