‘Sexting’ and ‘retweet’ added to the dictionary

The words are among 400 new entries to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary.

Word aficionados, take note: the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (COED)—a popular offshoot of the Oxford English Dictionary—has added a batch of new words.

Among the 400 new entries are several related to social media, including “sexting,” “retweet,” and “woot.”

In case you’re curious about the official meaning of “woot,” the COED defines it as an informal exclamation, “(especially in electronic communication) used to express elation, enthusiasm, or triumph.”

The new entries are included in the centenary edition of the COED.

“These additions,” explains COED editor Angus Stevenson, “are just carrying on the tradition of a dictionary that has always sought to be progressive and up to date.”

Other new entries include “mankini” and “jeggings.”

Our reaction: woot!


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