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How to harness empathy to power your storytelling

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019
2-4 p.m. Eastern time
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How do you tell your brand's story? Beyond that, will anyone listen? Those are key questions communicators face. And it requires savvy pivoting focusing on what really matters—your audience.

Join us on Dec. 3 for a can't-miss webcast as Miri Rodriguez, storyteller and head of the global internship program at Microsoft, and Lou Dubois, director of content for global brand communications at Hilton Worldwide, talk about how to harness empathy to power your stories and boost your bottom line, as well as techniques for highlighting your brand's impact, accomplishments and future—all through the lens of human storytelling.

When companies tap into empathetic storytelling, they avoid coming off as cold, distant or out of touch. Industry research shows that consumers trust people and their genuine stories and experiences over brand messages—so why not use that to your advantage? Attend this webcast and become the master storyteller your organization needs now.

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2-3 p.m. Eastern time

Harness empathy to power your stories and boost your bottom line

A compelling and distinctive story can cut through the cluttered landscape of content and help you define and communicate your organization's unique attributes. Don't let technological tools or the plethora of latest trends distract you from the crucial emotional connection you must create with readers. Storytelling has become a powerful business tool in today's digital age because it begins and ends with empathy, driving an immersive and emotional experience for all audiences and stakeholders. Though not every tidbit is a story, an interesting narrative that's dynamically told can cut to the core of your values and inspire your audience to act. In this interactive opening keynote, Miri Rodriguez, storyteller and head of the global internship program for Microsoft, will share how you can effectively tell your best stories with empathy, along with practical tools to help you become a skilled storyteller.

Miri Rodriguez, storyteller and head of global internship program, Microsoft
3-4 p.m. Eastern time

The #HiltonEffect: Highlighting impact, accomplishments and the future through the lens of human storytelling

Every organization is creating content, but are people responding to it? As Hilton celebrates its 100th year as a leader in global hospitality, it's also building a content strategy centered around people: travelers (both business and leisure), employees and the people of the communities and countries in which Hilton operates.

Lou Dubois, global director of content for Hilton Worldwide, led Hilton's 100-year-celebration with a storytelling narrative that celebrated not just the company's gorgeous properties around the world (5,500 and counting in 113 countries and territories), but the people who have helped the organization reach this incredible milestone. He'll share successes and takeaways from an effort to focus on human stories that transcend borders, languages and cultures. Learn how you can use human-centric storytelling, a global online newsroom strategy, organized archival assets and your biggest brand advocates—your employees—to help achieve content goals, boost your brand image and ultimately help create a smarter and more effective organizational narrative.

Lou Dubois, director of content for global brand communications, Hilton Worldwide



Storyteller and head of global internship program
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Director of content for global brand communications
Hilton Worldwide
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