Clubhouse for Communicators

Thursday, April 15, 2021
2-3:30 p.m. ET

Grow Audiences on Social Audio with Authentic Conversations

Hear how to ride social media's next big wave if you're in...

Digital Marketing • Social Media • Public Relations • Content Marketing

Clubhouse buzz is at a fevered pitch. With 10 million users and a $1 billion valuation, the app blends networking, panel discussions and live podcasts in an addictive experience. And it's not alone. Social audio is exploding because it brings greater authenticity to online conversations and lets you quickly build deeper connections than a typical Tweet.

But is the next big thing right for you and your organization? What does a winning Clubhouse strategy look like? How can you successfully integrate social audio into your content and marketing mix? Join Jeremiah Owyang (Kaleido Insights), Brian Fanzo (iSocialFanz), Eric Dahan (Open Influence), Alley Lyles (FemTech and USAA) and Regina Walton (SFTech4Good) to discover how the platform works—and how to transform the buzz into business:

Top 10 things you'll learn by attending this webinar:

  • Top social audio trends and Clubhouse competitors to watch
  • Anatomy of a successful Clubhouse marketing strategy
  • The biggest opportunities for brands (executive profiling, branded clubs, promoted rooms, influencer marketing, ads and more)
  • Pros and cons: How Clubhouse drives diversity, inclusion and nonprofit engagement—but suffers from "hustle culture" and toxicity
  • Case studies: Inspiring lessons from Clubhouse power users
  • Insights to help you measure and monetize Clubhouse
  • Finding your voice: How to be fun, fallible and human on the app
  • First steps—from setting up your account to managing invites
  • Moderation secrets: How to build an audience—fast and without fear
  • Ideas to repurpose your Clubhouse content (hint: podcast)

BONUSES for Attendees: You'll receive the following helpful materials:

  • The Future of Social Audio Report: Roadmap, Business Models and a Forecast
  • Special Report: 20 Ways Business Will Engage Social Audio
  • The Clubhouse Guide: 7 Steps to Tap into Social Audio

Don't miss this unique opportunity!
Join to hear candid truths about adding Clubhouse to your social media strategy and the smartest ways to activate—so you can build a large, loyal following quickly.
2-3:15 p.m. Eastern time
The Communicator's Clubhouse Guide

The hottest social media app in years is a hotbed for tech industry insiders, marketers, celebs, investors and influencers. And it's only going to get bigger. Join to quickly determine if it's a fit for you and your brand—plus how to start a room, moderate and grow your audience like a pro:

  • The FAQ: What social media is and isn't—and why it matters
  • Top players list (Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Facebook, Fireside, Sonar and more)
  • The biggest opportunities for brands, organizations and experts—from essential features to branded clubs, promoted rooms, ads and sponsored influencers
  • How to create a Clubhouse bio that drives engagement (and business)(from using spaces and emojis to showcasing thought leadership)
  • Marketing strategies to consider—including hosting your own rooms, setting up mini-events, becoming a club admin, engaging in other rooms and more
  • Secrets of exciting conversations and extending them into podcasts
  • How to find and partner with influencers on Clubhouse to ensure important conversations about you, your brand or product reach as many people as possible
  • Authenticity vs. the hard sell: How power users balance biz and buzz
  • How an app premised on exclusion actually creates inclusion
  • Why Clubhouse is a boon for nonprofits—not just privileged, pedigreed hustlers
Regina Walton
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Alley Lyles
Product Marketer
FemTech Focus
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Eric Dahan
CEO and Founder
Open Influence
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Jeremiah Owyang
Corporate Innovation Analyst
Kaleido Insights
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Founder and CEO
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3:15-3:30 p.m. Eastern time
Closing Q&A and Interactive Discussion

Get all your questions answered and discover what the future holds for social audio and "ambient" online content.

Brian Pittman
Manager of Strategic Programming
Ragan Training and PR Daily
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Join us for Clubhouse for Communicators:
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You should attend if you spend at least a quarter of your time in any of these areas:

Social media • Digital marketing • Content creation • Public relations • Storytelling


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