Diversity and Inclusion for Communicators Master Class

Unleash the power of communications to create a culture that welcomes all employees and motivates them to do their best work

Nov. 8: San Francisco


A diverse and inclusive work culture is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a business priority. In fact, it could be the biggest game changer for boosting productivity, inspiring innovation and holding on to your top performers—if the right person is leading the charge. That person is you—the communicator.

That’s why we’re proud to present this interactive workshop that shows you how communicators can create an inclusive culture that meets the needs of employees from all backgrounds. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Build an effective D&I communication strategy in real time, challenging assumptions and brainstorming innovative solutions for creating a welcoming work culture
  • Run Application Labs, where you can prototype and test the effectiveness of your solutions using case studies and simulations
  • Use peer-to-peer discussions to develop a game plan for getting executives on board with your efforts to drive diversity

Plus, you’ll receive an action plan before you leave the workshop, outlining next steps for—and possible obstacles to—implementing your new D&I communication plan.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

One location to choose from:

Nov. 8: San Francisco




Kim Clark

Affiliate consultantRagan Consulting Group

Kim Clark is an affiliate consultant with the Ragan Consulting Group. Clark has always been focused on messaging, audiences and how communications shapes people's experience. Her career spans radio, documentary filmmaking, agency partnerships with Discovery Channel, marketing, brand strategy, writing, training and teaching at a university. Since entering corporate cultures at KLA-Tencor, PayPal, NetApp and GoDaddy, she has taken full advantage of the various mediums to engage employees and facilitate transparency and trust in organizations. While at GoDaddy, she built an infrastructure and internal communications strategy from scratch and moved the needle 13 points in trust in just six months as measured by GoDaddy's annual engagement survey.




If you work in:

Employee/internal communications • Corporate communications • Diversity and inclusion • HR • Global communications


Nov. 8: San Francisco

Workshop venue:
77 Beale Street, Conference Room A
San Francisco, CA 94105



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