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Elevating Manager Communications for a Dispersed Workforce

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People managers are the catalyst driving communication, connection and inclusion among their teams. That’s why it’s critical for them to deliver information effectively. Research shows that communication and trust are interrelated because undistorted, truthful and candid communication can increase group trust.

Download this FREE on-demand webinar where Madison Artist of GoDaddy and Paralee Johnson of Simpplr will show you how a solid strategy, storytelling and focused attention via technology can be the secret weapon to create better communication among all workers, including those on the frontline and on production teams. You’ll discover how to:

  • Drive communications for frontline, in-office and remote employees.
  • Identify gaps in the employee experience and learn improvement tips.
  • Understand your organization’s current state of communications and how to improve based on assessment.
  • Empower leaders to make an employee’s job less tedious, more efficient and simpler.

Bonus Takeaways:

  • Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement eBook
  • How organizations connect and engage with frontline workers eBook
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Madison Artist

Sr. Manager, Learning & DevelopmentGoDaddy

Madison Artist is a lover of all things learning and development and has worn facilitator, instructional designer and L&D leader hats at Apple, Tesla and GoDaddy. With a deep belief that work shouldn’t suck, Artist believes that individuals do their best work when they can show up authentically and can prioritize their wellbeing. Leadership plays a crucial role in this output, which is why she has a soft spot for the leadership development space and believes that great leaders make the difference in organizational success.

Paralee Johnson

Sr. Manager, Community and ContentSimpplr

Paralee Johnson is a seasoned communication leader focused on the human experience of employees. She uses strategy, creative solutions and partnerships to make an impact. Johnson has a deep passion for the employee experience and sees her sphere of influence as an opportunity to represent an audience-first mentality. Building relationships is the foundation for a thriving community and comms strategy. As a go-to person for brainstorming, Johnson always looks for creative ways to solve problems. She channels curiosity to understand the why and advocates for the human experience. She is a connector of people, thoughts, community and processes.


Jon Minnick

Conference Producer/WriterRagan Communications and PR Daily

Jon Minnick is a conference and events producer at Ragan Communications. He develops and oversees critical in-person and virtual conference programming, webinars and workshops for Ragan's vast audience of internal and external communicators, wellness professionals and human resources specialists. With nearly 20 years of experience in B2B media, he has consistently taken on the industry's new challenges to grow brands, successfully ensuring their long-term strength and profitability.

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Internal Communications • Employee Communications • Executive Communications • HR Communications • Corporate Culture • Strategic Communications • Employee Engagement


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