How to Write for Busy Readers and Keep them Engaged

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 | 1-2 p.m. ET

Time is the most precious asset we have—and it's also the most strained. More than 120 emails will hit a colleague's inbox every day, but they'll have less than 8 seconds to focus on any given one.

Now is the time to ruthlessly prioritize what's worthy of our team's time, distill vital information to its core, and share it in a logical hierarchy so folks can see what's new and how it impacts them. You'll notice engagement starts to tick up, your teams stay more informed, and you'll be able to invest the time you save right back into the business.

Join Ragan and Axios HQ on April 20th to learn how to write clear, succinct updates—from articles and press releases to executive briefings and memos—that keep digital readers engaged. Axios HQ is a leader in efficient communication. Emily Inverso, its director of content, will share insights that have helped thousands of communicators across startups and the Fortune 100 transform how they write.

In this FREE 60-minute webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to fight shrinking attention spans
  • Audience engagement tactics that build employee trust
  • Internal communication strategies that cut down on information clutter
  • Writing techniques that break through to smart, busy readers
  • Best practices for email subject lines, styling and formatting scannable updates

Bonus Takeaway:

  • Axios HQ's writing tips list


Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Axios HQ

Axios HQ: Write Less. Say More.

Axios HQ is an easy-to-use writing tool for internal communicators. Rooted in years of research, it helps you send clear, more effective company news, from all-staff updates to executive briefings.

Readers are 2x more likely to open an Axios HQ email than other internal updates.
  • Its scannable emails boost focus and memory—and give your busy colleagues the information they need in half the time.
Axios HQ can help you:
  • Cut through the inbox clutter
  • Create content that concise, visually appealing and easy to consume
  • Simplify sending with Axios HQ's collaboration features
  • Track engagement with reader-by-reader analytics

See how you can optimize your internal communications with Axios HQ.

Top reasons to attend this webinar

  • It's FREE.
  • You'll get access for you and your entire team to watch.
  • Extra bonus materials for you and your team to use.
  • You'll have access to the recording for 12 months.



You should attend this FREE webinar if you spend at least a quarter of your time in any of these areas:

Internal Communications • Employee Communications • Executive communications • Writing/Editing • HR Communications • Corporate Culture • Employee Engagement • Sales • Content Strategy


For questions, please contact customer service at or by calling 800-878-5331.

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