Making Stories Stick: The Neuroscience Behind Storytelling

Discover the proven principles of telling stories that drive recall, action and ROI

Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020
1-3 p.m. Eastern time
Price: $449

Science has made it clear—the human brain loves a good tale. Stories improve information retention, drive behavioral change and build loyalty to groups and causes. If you aren't tapping into these findings, you're missing out on a powerful opportunity to achieve unprecedented audience engagement.

Join this eye-opening virtual summit on Jan. 23 and discover how to craft narratives based on principles proven to increase recall and inspire action. Elizabeth Edwards of Volume PR will share the most recent discoveries on how our brains process stories, and Jason Small of Verizon will show you how to use this research to increase the ROI of your internal or external communications.

Don't let your storytelling efforts miss the mark. Register today and get practical guidance on how to use science to capture the hearts and minds of any audience without fail.

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1-2 p.m. Eastern time

Break through the noise: Use science to understand how to engage modern audiences

The world is becoming more crowded and fast-paced, and as a result our brains work differently. The human mind has become increasingly accustomed to tuning out messaging efforts. As communicators, it is harder than ever to break through this noise and reach your target audiences so that they don't just see your message—they remember it. Elizabeth Edwards, founder of Volume PR, will delve into what the latest neuroscience research tells us about the modern brain, and show you how leading brands and nonprofit organizations are using these principles to craft stories that stand out in a sea of content.

You'll learn:

  • How information overload is changing the way humans process information, with real-life case studies and examples
  • Specific rules and tools from new behavioral science research that can help you create content that breaks through to distracted audiences
  • How to reach stakeholders the way they want to be communicated with, based on how their brains are hardwired to respond
  • How to make your content stand out by appealing to your audience's "breathing brain" as opposed to their "thinking brain"
  • Practical ways to apply neuroscience findings in your content creation process

Q&A with Elizabeth Edwards will follow this session.

Elizabeth Edwards, founder and president, Volume PR
2-3 p.m. Eastern time

Why and how storytelling works for business

To earn the business and loyalty of audiences, you must make an impact on their decision-making process. Blatant sales or PR pitches are easily tuned out by consumers, but stories offer the perfect opportunity to increase recall, break down mental resistance and spur action. Jason Small, manager of corporate communications at Verizon, will show you how his team is using scientifically proven principles to tell stories that drive desired behaviors and increase the ROI of their communications programs.

You'll learn how to:

  • Use storytelling to get more reach from your content without relying on paid media, and hear case studies of how Verizon is doing this
  • Speed up the sales process by appealing to the right emotions in your audience
  • Simplify story creation by using plots proven to have a powerful effect on the human brain
  • Show the ROI of your storytelling efforts to senior leadership and learn what key metrics are important

Q&A with Jason Small will follow this session.

Jason Small, manager, corporate communications, Verizon



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Top 5 reasons to attend this virtual summit

  • You'll hear from and interact with leading storytelling and neuroscience experts
  • You'll receive all presentations and handouts
  • You'll get access to an on-demand recording of the entire event for six months
  • You're guaranteed hands-on, how-to instruction and techniques you can use immediately
  • You can attend this immersive summit without leaving your desk



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