Salary & Workplace Culture Survey: 2020 Edition

Is your salary within the norm? Higher than average? Lower? Do your benefits exceed what your peers enjoy—or lag behind?

We’d all like to know what our colleagues are taking home. We also want to know what enhances job satisfaction—with data that executives can’t ignore.

That’s why we undertook the comprehensive Ragan Salary & Workplace Culture Survey. Thanks to participation by more than 500 communicators, this report breaks new ground in its extensive cataloguing of compensation, workplace culture and job satisfaction.

We looked at all aspects of the job, from salaries, bonuses and benefits to what PTO, overtime and the day-to-day looks like for communicators across job types, organizations of all sizes, and industries—as well as by gender.

Curious whether your employer is competitive and doing all it can to foster workplace happiness and optimize the employee experience? This benchmark compendium has all the answers.

Purchase the full, 34-page report for $199 today, and arm yourself with data that will propel your career forward.

Included is a breakdown of:

  • The region of the country that garners the highest salaries and bonuses
  • The most-popular attributes employees seek in an employer
  • How men’s and women’s salaries compare
  • Which department makes more: internal or external communications
  • How salaries at PR agencies compare with those in government or corporate comms
  • Which industries’ pros are happiest with the size of their compensation
  • The percentage of professionals who work from home
  • The most-valued hard and soft benefits
  • What type professional training employers offer
  • The average communication budget
  • How socializing with co-workers affects workplace happiness