What is a Ragan Virtual Conference?
  • A Ragan Virtual Conference is a live stream of our conferences. Our virtual conferences are streamed over the web at the time of the event. If you are unable to attend the virtual conference during its scheduled time an archived version will be made available to all virtual conference customers 3-7 business days after the event.
Can several people from my company login to the virtual conference at the same time?
  • No. The virtual conference is restricted to only one login, so only one computer can be connected to the webcast at any time. You can have multiple people in a room viewing the virtual conference, but you will not be able to have multiple people watching from their individual computers.
Is the virtual conference accessible to both PC and MAC users?
  • Yes. Since it is broadcast over the web, the webcast can be accessed on both MAC and PC.
MAC Users
  • Mac OSX 10.4 or greater
  • Intel-Based Macs Only
PC Users
  • Windows 10
  • Internet Explorer 11.0 or better
The presentation sometimes stops and/or "freezes." What can be done?
  • Because a webcast is a video stream, its ability to play without interruption, is dependent on your location and the amount of bandwidth you have available to you. When bandwidth drops down, you may experience brief buffering pauses. Outside of increasing your bandwidth, there is nothing you can do but wait for buffering to catch up. The event is being recorded and the on-demand recording will be made available to you after the event has concluded.
Customer service
  • If you have any questions or need to register by phone, please call customer service at 800.878.5331 or 312.960.4100.