March 26, 2020

Shape Strategy. Craft Messaging. Preserve Reputation.


In today’s turbulent social and political climate, no organization or leader can avoid scrutiny from the media and other stakeholders. To maintain trust and protect reputations, forward-thinking communicators need to shape strong strategies and craft eloquent messaging about key issues. Join Ragan and your industry peers on March 25-26 in the nation’s capital for the much-anticipated annual Public Affairs & Speechwriting Conference.

Whether your audience is employees, the media, government, activists or consumers, this conference will give you the innovative and cutting-edge ideas, strategies, tactics and examples you need to gain influence with executives, address today’s hot-button issues and preserve your organization’s reputation.

You’ll hear from a distinguished roster of speakers in an information-packed two days filled with learning, networking and peer to peer brainstorming.

Confirm your seat at the table as a trusted communications advisor to organizations

Learn how to:

  • Craft thoughtful, genuine messaging around divisive social and political issues
  • Build a social media presence that supports your brand advocacy and thought leadership goals
  • Write more concise and compelling content for public affairs campaigns
  • Infuse humor and humanity into your speeches and storytelling
  • Write speeches that capture the personality of even the most inaccessible executives
  • Execute dynamic, engaging formats for speeches and executive videos
  • Prepare for and respond to crises, legislative losses or social media uproars
  • Maintain the trust of internal and external stakeholders during times of organizational change
  • Train your executives and spokespeople to advocate effectively for your organization
  • Build successful third-party alliances that extend the reach of your public affairs programs and garner community support
  • Craft a strategy to showcase experts in your organization as industry thought leaders

Secure your spot today! Advance your career as a speechwriter or public affairs professional by serving as the strategic guide your leaders need.

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Top 4 benefits of attending the webcast:

  • Attend this immensely popular conference from the convenience of your desk: No travel concerns, hotels or extra costs associated with attending the event live.
  • Watch with your entire team.
  • Order the webcast, and get six months of on-demand access to this inspirational conference that will transform your organization.
  • The ability to ask questions: This isn’t a passive experience. You and your team have the opportunity to ask questions, which can be relayed to speakers presenting at the event.



We will be webcasting this conference live.

Order the webcast and get on-demand access to this inspirational conference that will transform your organization.

We will be livestreaming Track 1 of this event. Both Track 1 and Track 2 will be included in the on demand recording and will be available 7-10 business days after the event has concluded.

  • March 26:
  • Track 1: Speechwriting
  • Track 2: Public Affairs

Vice President of Corporate Communications
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Chief human resources officer, Chief diversity officer
Freddie Mac
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Founder and Executive Chairman
APCO Worldwide
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Chief storyteller
National Association of Realtors
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Senior Counselor
APCO Worldwide
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Director, strategic communications
Freddie Mac
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Managing Director and Executive Producer
Funny or Die
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Senior speechwriter for former President Barack Obama
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Former senior speechwriter to former President Barack Obama
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Director of Grassroots Advocacy
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No Headshot
Speechwriter for former President George W. Bush
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Director of media and advocacy training
American Farm Bureau Federation
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Speechwriter for former President George W. Bush
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Senior speechwriter
Former President Barack Obama
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Speechwriter for former President Bill Clinton
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Former speechwriter for former First Lady Laura Bush
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C-Suite Engagement and Executive Programs
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Top Executives from these companies are joining us, will you be at the conference too?


Join us if you are involved in:

  • Corporate communications
  • Speechwriting
  • Public affairs
  • Internal communications
  • Executive communications
  • Leadership communications
  • Government relations
  • Advocacy
  • Community affairs
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Social responsibility
  • Writing and editing



Here are a few excellent takeaways you’ll bring back:

  • How to proactively build a strong reputation that protects against crises and public scrutiny
  • Strategies to use social media and new technology to advance executive communications, public affairs and corporate social responsibility goals
  • How to win the trust of the media, government and the public on the issues most closely affecting your organization
  • Build a media and advocacy training program that better prepares spokespeople to take the spotlight
  • How to address political and social movements thoughtfully through genuine and transparent messaging


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