The 2018 Advanced Grammar Girl Webinar on Demand


The Associated Press Stylebook is the essential reference guide for anyone writing newspaper and magazine copy, press releases, newsletters and web copy.

Who better to guide you through the most salient points of the stylebook than New York Times best-selling author Mignon Fogarty—known to millions as Grammar Girl? Master the 2018 Stylebook as Fogarty explains the most important rules, reinforces concepts with quick quizzes, and takes live questions at the end.

If you miss (or never worked for) that cigar-chomping editor who recognized—and fixed—every AP style error, join America's most popular grammar authority for a course on writing like a seasoned journalist.

Grammar Girl clarifies confounding writing issues:

  • Tricky apostrophe rules, such as how to make "Donald Trump Jr." possessive and whether you participate in a "writers' strike" or a "writers strike."
  • Advanced comma guidelines, such as when the AP advises using a serial comma, and when you need a comma after an introductory clause.
  • New additions and updates to AP style, including words that can be offensive (e.g., "Eskimo") and words to use with care (e.g., "suicide").
  • Common questions, such as whether a cat in a tree is an "it" or a "she," and when to use the spelling "blonde."
  • Detailed guidance about numbers, such as why you sometimes write "nine" and sometimes write "9," and how to handle fractions and percentages.
  • Quirky capitalization rules, such how to handle "the" in publication names, and when to capitalize nicknames for events (e.g., "the Derby").
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