The 2019 AP Stylebook Webinar on Demand

Gain invaluable insights from the AP Stylebook editor into how and why changes are made

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Whether we like it or not, language and its use are constantly evolving. As writers and editors, it is imperative that we invest the time to keep up. Fear not. Paula Froke, editor of The Associated Press Stylebook, is here to help.


AP style is not an unyielding law like gravity. It evolves as language changes and adopts new words and phrases appearing in the news. The Associated Press Stylebook's editors add or update entries throughout the year on Stylebook Online, then collect those changes in a new print Stylebook each spring. Paula Froke, lead editor of the Associated Press Stylebook, is here to help you catch up on what's changed.

Join this webinar on demand to hear what's new in the recently released 2019 AP Stylebook and gain insights from the editor herself, Paula Froke, into how and why changes are made.

Some of these changes include:

  • Expanded guidance on race-related terms.
  • Revised guidance on using accent marks with names of people who request them or are widely known to use them, or when quoting directly in a language that uses them.
  • Revised guidance on using the % symbol in most cases.
  • More detail on how to use hyphens wisely.
  • An updated and expanded entry on suicide, including when and how it is acceptable to report a suicide method and guidance on reporting the contents of notes or letters.



Paula Froke

Lead editorAssociated Press Stylebook

Paula Froke is editor of The Associated Press Stylebook and executive director of The Associated Press Media Editors. She started her 30-plus years with the AP as a Dow Jones News Fund intern on the AP's main editing desk in New York. Her AP career has included jobs as news editor in Minnesota and Michigan, deputy national editor at headquarters, and assistant managing editor/nights on the Nerve Center.


Reasons to sign up for this webinar on demand:

  • You'll gain invaluable insights from the editor of The Associated Press Stylebook.
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