The 2019 Crisis Communications Webinar

Take your crisis communications efforts into the digital age

Thursday, March 28, 2019
1-2:15 p.m. Central time


Presented by:    Ragan         PRSA

Technology is vital to our lives. We can reach anyone around the globe right away. But what happens when we’re up against a cyber-attack? Or how can we use technology to help us keep a crisis under control? Join our sessions from Kristin Miller of Ragan Consulting Group and Nicholas Holder of Dataminr, to learn how to overcome your next emergency.

You'll learn:

  • How to prepare for and respond to the inevitable cyber incident. Preparing for a cyber incident starts with deciding on items to include in a crisis plan and then assembling the teams that you need to properly respond. Learn what all communication professionals should do today to prepare themselves, their businesses and their clients for the inevitable cyberattack.
  • Lessons from Fortune 500 companies that have been breached within the past 12 months.
  • How to explain the cybersecurity landscape, how cybercriminals are breaching organizations and the language and terminology used by cybersecurity professionals.
  • Different types of crises and why they can go viral so quickly
  • How real-time data and alerts can improve your ability to respond confidently
  • Examples of high-profile incidents and their dramatic impact on brands

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Price: $209

A webinar featuring sessions from Kristin Miller, affiliate consultant at Ragan Consulting Group and Nicholas Holder, regional director of PR/Communications sales at Dataminr.



Nicholas Holder

Regional director, PR/Communications salesDataminr

Nicholas Holder, regional director, PR/communications sales at Dataminr, partners with Fortune 1000 companies on how they can use early detection content to enhance PR strategies. Before joining Dataminr, Holder worked at a fashion PR and creative talent agency. Previously he worked for eight years in political organizing and fundraising.

Kristin Miller

Affiliate consultantRagan Consulting Group

Kristin Miller has more than 15 years of PR experience, with a passion for technology PR. She currently heads up Webroot's global PR team, focusing on cybersecurity across the United States, the EMEA (Europe, Africa and the Middle East), Australia and Japan. Previously she was with SSPR, a high-tech PR agency working with brands including Groupon, Patagonia, RingCentral and many others. An unrepentant fan of the Oxford comma, she can frequently be found chasing her five-year-old daughter through playgrounds, cheering for her alma mater Purdue University or taking Buzzfeed quizzes.


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