Turning Managers into Communicators

A workshop to fix the “missing link” in employee communications strategies

Thursday, April 4, 2019
9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Eastern time


All too often there is a missing link in the best employee communications programs – we don’t enable people managers to be active and engaged communicators. 

During this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to work with managers to identify and then overcome barriers to spending time on communications efforts
  • Why expecting managers to actively communicate requires communications training
  • How you and your team can effectively train managers on communications -- no need to wait on other departments
  • How managers can be one of your most effective “channels” both for amplifying information into your organization and hearing back from employees – and how you can easily provide the content to fill the channels
  • How to keep your managers engaged and actively communicating after training
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Webcast — April 4, 2019



Bryant Hilton

Affiliate Consultant Ragan Consulting Group

Bryant Hilton is an affiliate consultant for Ragan Consulting Group. He is a global communications leader who helps clients design employee communications strategies that increase employee engagement, especially during times of transition, growth and crisis. His work includes helping clients uncover unique stories, build strong employer brands, maximize leadership communications and enable managers to be more effective communicators. He's passionate about using great employee communications to turn organizations into the places people love to work and want to join.



If you work in:

Public Relations • Media Relations • Marketing • Internal Communications • Website Content
Production • Executive Communications

Top 4 benefits of attending the webcast:

  • Attend this immensely popular workshop from the convenience of your desk: No travel concerns, hotels or extra costs associated with attending the event live.
  • Watch with your entire team.
  • Order the webcast, and get six months of on-demand access to this inspirational conference that will transform your organization.
  • The ability to ask questions: This isn’t a passive experience. You and your team have the opportunity to ask questions, which can be relayed to speakers presenting at the event.

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