Stronger writing can put you on a path to career success

Discover how improving your writing can impress your bosses and even earn you a promotion.

Writing webinar

As a savvy communicator, you’re always looking to gain new skills that can help you stand out in your department and the job market.

Although learning how to use the latest technology might be at the top of your mind, don’t neglect one of the most fundamental skills—writing.

Great writers have never been more in demand, for the following reasons:

  1. Organizations are struggling to reach distracted audiences—and need compelling prose to break through to them
  2. Newsrooms are shrinking, leaving it up to brands to tell their stories themselves
  3. Employees and customers want personalized, authentic content rather than empty corporate jargon.

The experts at the 2018 Great Writing and Editing Virtual Summit want to give you the tips and refreshers necessary to make your words shine.

Join them on Oct. 19 and discover how to think like a journalist, write more captivating copy and edit for consistency and clarity.

Get the exceptional writing skills you need to succeed in today’s communications world. Register today.

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