Study: Brand newsrooms are ‘overhyped’

Most marketing chiefs say that the buzz behind brand journalism and ‘real-time’ marketing is bigger than the results can deliver.

Your brand newsroom may grab press in industry publications, but is it really effective?

In a new study, chief marketing officers say that it’s probably not.

PR Council recently released a report and said that about half of executive marketers ranked real-time advertising and brand newsrooms as the most “overhyped” approaches to marketing.

Check out the list below:

Looking for an approach that’s not puffed up? You’ll have to create a truly integrated marketing approach through PR, advertising, digital marketing, social media and mobile strategies. It’s a piece of cake—right?

Not quite. Nearly all CMOs think marketing should lead the way in crafting a brand’s narrative, and more than 90 percent also think marketers should control brand journalism and social media efforts.

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More than 70 percent say working with influential bloggers and people on social media, as well as community management, should be led by a marketing team. What’s left for PR pros to manage? Respondents said media relations, interactions with investors and analysts, executive coaching and crisis management.

With these perceptions, it might be tough for PR pros to successfully implement an integrated marketing approach in their brand newsrooms.

Check out The Holmes Report for more on the study.

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