Study: Consumers engage with only half of brand content

An article, video or picture might get likes and comments, but it doesn’t always lead to traffic, conversions or revenue.

Content marketing continues to be seen as leading edge by many pros, but how effective is it?

According to one study, the answer is a resounding “somewhat.”

In its “Content Engagement Report,” BrightEdge looked at one key stat that marketers go to in order to understand how their content is performing: engagement.

But BrightEdge doesn’t see engagement with content as likes, comments and shares. In the report, it looks at traffic, conversions and revenue.

According to the study:

For B2C industries, consumers only engage with 20 percent of content on average. For B2B, average engagement is higher at 50 percent of content. Engagement rates vary across specific industries, but hover between 33 and 50 percent of content overall.

Engagement rates varied by industry; hospitality marketers saw the highest engagement at 87 percent.

People also interacted with content more on desktops (47 percent), compared to mobile devices (33 percent).

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The study stands as a contrast to Facebook’s standard for determining consumer video views. Critics said the social media platform’s window of three seconds wasn’t long enough to determine if someone had watched a video, but Matt Pake, a video product team manager for Facebook, defended the company’s decision. He posted the following, in part, on Medium:

While there is no broad industry standard for view measurement, three seconds is one common choice, and gives us a consistent metric for all video on Facebook. If you have stayed on a video for at least three seconds, it signals to us that you are not simply scrolling through feed and you’ve shown intent to watch that video.

You can check out more from BrightEdge’s study here.

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