Study: Facebook a boon to brands in crisis

The personal nature of the social media platform is a powerful persuasive tool, researchers found.

When brands communicate via Facebook during a crisis, public attitude improves.

That’s what researchers at University of Missouri School of Journalism found in a new study.

The authors of the study created two news stories about fictional universities and measured participant sentiment. They showed the participants corresponding Facebook posts.

According to Newsfix, “following the Facebook posts, attitudes toward the universities were significantly more positive than before participants read the posts.”

“Many studies have already shown how important crisis management is for organizations,” the study’s co-author, Seoyeon Hong, told Newsfix. “This study shows that Facebook can be a valuable tool for public relations professionals when working to solve or lessen the severity of a crisis. Because Facebook is very personal for its users, well-thought-out crisis management messages can be effective at reaching users on a personal level, which is a powerful way to persuade people to a cause.”

It’s no secret that brands should engage with followers in times of crises, but this study proves that it has definite advantages in turning public sentiment.

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