Study: Only 21 percent of companies measure social media

HR is largely responsible for social media policies and practices. Does your strategy include the return on investment?

Despite widespread use of social media among businesses, the majority of organizations don’t measure social media ROI. According to a recent survey by SHRM, only 21 percent of organizations measure social media ROI.

“This is something marketing departments and social media experts have been struggling with for a while, but there is still no ‘best solution’ to the social-media-ROI problem,” says Adriana Costello in a post on Jumpstart:HR.

However, 12 percent have at least one full-time employee whose primary role is to manage social media efforts, and 40 percent of organizations polled have a formal social media policy.

HR is most often responsible for creating and enforcing these policies, the survey found.

“While I don’t necessarily believe HR should take total control of social media in the workplace, HR professionals are in an ideal position to facilitate the adoption of social media policies and practices,” Costello writes. “HR has the people, communication, and community-building skills, which when combined with resources from marketing, IT and senior management, can add value to an organization’s social media efforts.”

Take a look at more of the study’s findings:

  • Only 28 percent of organizations have a social media strategy.
  • Twenty percent of companies use social media for internal communications.
  • Of the 40 percent of companies with a social media policy, 43 percent ask HR to create the policy.
  • Marketing (35 percent), IT (17 percent), HR (14 percent), or senior management (14 percent) are typically responsible for handling social media.

Kristin Piombino contributed to this article.

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