Survey: How internal comms are failing employees

Your colleagues are eager for information. The trick is disseminating it in a way that will resonate rather than irritate.

Have you heard the big company news?

Your colleagues probably haven’t, but they’d like to.

According to research conducted by Bambu and Survata, four out of five workers affirm the notion that internal communication helps improve their job performance, yet only one out of five feels well informed on company news.

People like to be informed, and most company leaders understand the importance of keeping everyone on the same page, but how best to conduct this information exchange remains elusive. Twenty-nine percent of survey respondents say their company’s internal communications efforts are insufficient. Millennials—many of whom lamented the “self-serving” and “dishonest” nature of corporate communications—held an even dimmer view.

What’s the solution? For starters, it’s crucial to establish how your people prefer to communicate. As Bambu writes:

Ensure that your internal communications are happening through the right channels and at the right times to reach all of your employees, whether they’re based in your HQ or working out in the field.

Meeting your colleagues on their communications turf is a start, but the content matters, too. Bambu suggests:

Look at your internal audience in the same way you’d segment and target an external marketing campaign. By digging into the makeup of your employee audience, you’ll gain better insight into their communication and channel preferences to understand what they need to feel informed and engaged. If your employee base includes a large millennial contingent, understand that your communications approach needs to change with the times and meet them on the platforms—and with the transparency—that they’re already invested in.

It’s up to you to determine which channels are most effective in your workplace, but most survey respondents voiced a preference for face-to-face meetings. Email came in second, followed by votes for internal hubs, chat platforms and printed newsletters.

Internal Comms Channels

If you’re not sure what your workers want, ask them.

Businesses have plenty to gain by keeping employees informed. Providing clear, consistent, helpful information is an easy way to boost morale, productivity and camaraderie. Many businesses simply never take the time to make it a priority.

To read more about Bambu’s internal communications research, click here.

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