Swamped? Here’s how to free up time in your day

Bogged down in approvals and other time-consuming tasks? Learn how to save yourself precious minutes—and even hours.

Nobody has time to waste. Everybody’s looking for ways to streamline their schedules.

Yet despite their best efforts, most internal communicators are swamped, a survey shows.

Take a pause, and breathe deeply. You can reassert control of your day—and help others in your organization do the same—with the help of a free guide from Ragan Communications and Newsweaver.

The guide is inspired by a Ragan/Newsweaver survey, “Internal Communications Today,” which shows that internal communicators are swamped and lack time for measurement and other priorities.

Meetings are a major time-waster in many organizations. The answer is more and better preplanning, says Bill Corbett Jr., president of Corbett Public Relations.

Leaders should structure meetings appropriately, and not every gathering has to take an hour, he says. If there’s no agenda and no goal, then there’s no reason for a meeting.

“Meetings delay action,” Corbett says. “Work to limit them and keep them short.”

The guide also offers other practical tips other ways to manage your time:

  • How to reduce the endless round of approvals and set deadlines for those who review your work
  • How aligning content with your business goals saves time
  • Why analytics can increase productivity
  • Ways to accelerate approvals through software
  • How to streamline approvals across business units
  • Pointers on email, mobile and meetings
  • Why design for mobile is essential
  • How to keep senior leaders and co-workers from PR and corporate comms informed through engagement calendars for execs

The guide also explains how (and why) to email the right way.

Milwaukee-based Johnson Controls has made email an integral part of its mobile communications, says Melissa Farrington, its global internal communications manager.

“We can see the amount of employees that are looking at emails, and what we would consider a successful distribution,” Farrington says.

The survey makes clear that many organizations must seek out new ideas on setting priorities and managing time. This guide will save you time in areas of vital concern for communicators.

Free up time in your day for communications that count. Download your free guide here.


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