Take Ragan’s survey on the state of internal communication

Curious about what your peers spend their time on? What their budgets are? What roadblocks they face? We’re seeking the answers—and we’d love your participation.

It’s hard to excel in an information vacuum—especially as a communicator.

Do you wonder if your peers are personalizing content? Have they the capability to push content from a single source to employees via multiple receptors? Curious whether they expect a budget increase next fiscal year? If they do, in which areas will they invest the most money?

We’re asking these questions and more in our second joint survey with RMG Networks, “The State of Internal Communications.” It takes only a few minutes to complete—and there’s an incentive.

We want to benchmark communicators’ goals, challenges, success stories and more. We wonder what channels you’re using, the frequency you’re using those channels, what your mobile content strategy looks like.

Once we’re done gathering insights, we’ll package them in a report that you can download—for free!

Take our survey today, and let your voice be heard.


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