Tech, entertainment firms top LinkedIn list of sought-after workplaces

It’s not just the perks that draw wannabe employees; it’s the challenges. That might explain the addition of one company that’s been in PR hot water.

Wouldn’t you like to have top talent fighting to get hired at your organization?

Well, maybe not literally slipping on the brass knuckles—but regarding your firm as the apex of their career dream list?

On Thursday, LinkedIn unveiled its annual list of the top 50 companies in attracting and retaining employees, allowing ambitious organizations to survey the field in a talent-hungry business world.

The professional social network compiled its report, “LinkedIn Top Companies 2017: Where the U.S. wants to work now,” based on billions of actions taken by its 500 million members. It ran the data on three areas: retention, interest in a company’s jobs, and interest in a company’s brand and employees, LinkedIn reports.

“These 50 companies span 21 industries and employ some 3.3 million workers across the U.S.,” LinkedIn reports. “They are where professionals want to work now.”

Making the top of the list isn’t just about the perks dished out—though there are plenty of those in the upper ranks. One factor uniting many winners is that they offer inspiring opportunities, LinkedIn news editor Laura Lorenzetti Soper said in a phone interview.

Challenges draw applicants.

“People want a great challenge,” she said.

Alphabet, which owns Google, is on track this year to use 100 percent renewable energy for its operations. Amazon is swooping up Oscars and figuring out how to deliver by drone. Besides, untold legions of digital companies are apparently designing self-driving cars.

LinkedIn’s list scored mentions in publications nationwide. CNBC reported, “Tech dominates the U.S. and India, while you’ll find automakers on the German list, mining and construction companies in Australia, retailers and luxury giants in the U.K. and France, and popular local brands in Brazil.”

The goal of the list, however, is not so much to score PR points, but to provide useful information about the platform’s users, Lorenzetti Soper said.

To maintain editorial independence, the team that compiles the list excludes LinkedIn and its parent company, Microsoft. This year, the list includes rankings for the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil and India, Linked in reports.

Here are the top 10:

1. Alphabet. No fair. Google not only dominates searches, but its parent company wins here, kicking sand in the faces of its rivals. It appears that everybody wants free gourmet food, free rides to campus and “massage credits.”

2. Amazon? The company that recently won three Oscars is on a hiring binge, LinkedIn reports. It helps to have “leave share” that allows you to hand over six weeks of paid leave to a spouse or partner who isn’t eligible for parental leave at their employer.

3. You again, Facebook? Readers, if you have skills in software engineering, infrastructure, machine learning, data analytics or marketing, you might have a future in the social media platform whose cat videos and political rants drain years of productivity from every workforce in America.

4. Salesforce “allows employees to safely and openly share opinions and resolve conflicts with an ‘Airing of Grievances’ feedback forum,” LinkedIn notes.

5. Uber? You’re kidding. After steering its corporate car through one PR pothole after another, Uber seems an unlikely addition—so much so that LinkedIn has written up a case study, “If Uber is such a terrible place to work, why does everyone want to work there?

LinkedIn notes that Uber offers employees monthly ride credits and provides attractive equity plans to many on staff.

6. Up for drag racing? Tesla allows employees the occasional opportunity to take a Tesla Roadster home for the weekend. Then again, crash the company car, and you’ll ding your chances to move up to Uber.

7. Apple allows employees to replace their brains with the latest model of iPhone. Just kidding! But it does hold employee events with surprise musical guests and supplies free Apples.

8. Movie buffs, Time Warner offers film and television pre-release screenings in its offices. Presumably, this does not distract its highly disciplined workforce from their jobs.

9. If you’re a fan of the Magic Kingdom, The Walt Disney Co. gives employees’ families free passes to all its theme parks. No word on whether employees get free Mickey Mouse ears.

10. Comcast employees never have to worry about rate hikes. It offers all full-time employees free digital television and internet access.

Check out the full list here.

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