The 20 most interesting social media stats and insights of 2012

The year’s not even two months old and already we’ve seen a number of big splashes in the social media scene. Here are the top stats so far.

We’re not even two months in 2012 and the year has already seen a number of big changes to the social media scene. The Pinterest explosion has been well documented and Google+ continues to add to its user base.

I’m not sure about you, but keeping up with the all the updates to usage stats is hard work, so I’ve tried to compile some of 2012’s best resources.

Here are some of he better ones I’ve located this year:

2012’s most useful posts, infographics and round-ups:

1. Number of users of the 15 most popular global social networks/platforms (Feb 2012 Update) via The Realtime Report.
2. 12 revealing stats about B2B social media marketing (Jan 2012) via
3. 29 social media stats and facts (Jan 2012) by Erik Qualman.
4. Next Generation Media 2012 Insights Report via SlideShare.
5. Visitor number and time spent data on major social media platforms (Jan 2012) via comScore.
6. Infographic: Social Media Stats of Today (Jan 2012) via MediaBistro.
7. 100 social media statistics for 2012 (Jan 2012) via TheSocialSkinny.
8. SlideShare Zeitgeist 2011 (Jan 2012) via SlideShare — A look at the world of presentations in 2011, including some great facts and insights.
9. Global Web Index Report (Jan 2012) via SlideShare.
10. Internet marketing and social media statistics report (Jan 2012) via Lauren Proctor.
11. 10 mind-bowing social media stats for 2012 via Active Endurance.

2012’s most useful real-time resources, sites and tools:

1. The most reliable source for user stats and information relation to the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube).
2. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube stats to see which brands, personalities and organizations are attracting the most followers.
3. Checkfacebook. A site dedicated to the latest Facebook stats.
4. Facebook app stats courtesy of the Inside Facebook network.
5. Hitwise, especially in the U.K., releases regular insight into Web and online media usage.
6. One of the best places for online digital marketing intelligence (it is also worth signing up to the e-newsletter).
7. Google Insights. If you want real-time insights into what the world is searching for, this is your starting point.
8. Quantcast blog. Quantcast provides Web usage insights or site owners and marketers. The Quantcast blog serves up general stats on regular basis to supplement the specific site insights.
9. This search engine gives you insights into specific websites and/or keywords in real-time.

Are there any other resources out there you have spotted in 2012 that might come in handy?

Adam Vincenzini is a PR professional in London. He writes the weekly column Platform 5, which highlights the most-useful social media tools for PR professionals. A version of this story first appeared on Adam’s blog.

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