The Oxford English Dictionary welcomes ‘kewl’

No longer a teenage expression, ‘kewl’ is officially a word.

The Oxford English Dictionary throws a 90th birthday party

In 2005, Urban Dictionary defined “kewl” as “a stupid way of spelling cool.” The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) begs to differ.

Kewl” has now joined the ranks of “LOL,” “OMG” and other terms born out of pop culture that have since been included in the dictionary.

While some may scoff at these inclusions, OED’s Graeme Diamond points out these terms have become part of our every day speech and print.

Diamond, chief editor of new words for the OED, explained to what it takes for a new word to make the grade: “You have to show that the word has been in usage for a decent length of time and, most importantly, that the word is used and understood by a wide audience.”

What do you think? Has “kewl” earned a rightful place in the dictionary?

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