The top internal communications stories of 2013

SharePoint and PowerPoint alternatives were of interest to our readers this year, as well as inexpensive ways to boost employee morale. Take a look at the year’s best.

Corporate communicators are looking for new ways of doing things, it seems, according to our list of the most-popular internal communications stories of the year. Alternatives to SharePoint and PowerPoint were popular, as well as dos and don’ts during presentations.

Not surprisingly, employee morale is always top of mind to our readers, and this year was no exception. Inexpensive ways to kill morale first ran on in 2011, but made the list this year. Its popularity speaks volumes, as does the fact that an article on lethal ways to kill morale also made this year’s list. Do with that what you will.

If you missed these stories the first time around, here they are again:

1. The top 20 alternatives to SharePoint

2. 10 inexpensive ways to boost employee morale

3. 20 ways to jazz up your PowerPoint presentations

4. 8 things never to say during your presentation

5. 10 signs you love your job

6. 10 PowerPoint alternatives that make meetings fun

7. 12 most lethal ways to kill employee morale

8. Groupon CEO brutally honest in departing memo

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