The word that should be in every speech

Do you want to keep your audience interested in what you’re saying? Quit talking about yourself and use “you.”

Don’t you hate it when a speaker gets up and waxes poetically about himself for the first five minutes of a presentation? It’s all me, me, me.

And you’re yawn, yawn, yawning.

Why do you fall into a stupor of boredom when a speaker focuses on himself?

“You” is missing. “You” is the most important word in any presentation.

Minimize “I” and maximize “you”

As a speaker, you are the conduit of information that will inform, persuade, inspire or entertain your audience. When the focus is on the “I”—this how I work with my clients, I do this, or I do that—you make yourself the most important person in the room. Maximize “you” and minimize “I.”

This goes for blogs, too. Do you click away from articles because they say “I” more than “you” in the first paragraph?

I do. I don’t care about the “I.” I care about seeing myself in your content.

Speak to one person

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