Think you deserve the digital PR and social media crown?

The Digital PR & Social Media Awards honor innovative communicators whose approach to digital platforms catapulted their brand or client beyond expectations.

There is an electricity behind any great event or movement.

That buzz inspires and captivates an audience that’s more distracted than ever—yet more socially connected.

Digital PR and social media are now the preeminent way to get the word out about upcoming events, product or service launches, social issues and causes—truthfully, everything—and you led the charge.

You deserve recognition for your digital prowess. The launch of the 2017 Digital PR & Social Media Awards allows us to shine a spotlight on your extraordinary achievements.

The Digital PR & Social Media Awards celebrate communicators who use digital or social media to spark conversations that inspire success. Whether you used social media to turn followers into brand advocates, you gave a voice to a cause or social issue whose message was going unheard, or your beautifully crafted blog was the go-to destination for essential information, recognition for your greatness awaits you.

With 33 categories, there is bound to be at least one that best suits your expertise. Categories include:

  • Best Use of Facebook
  • Best Use of Snapchat
  • Best Email Marketing Campaign
  • Best Viral Campaign
  • Best Event or Stunt
  • Best Blog
  • Best Mobile App
  • Best Live Chat or Stream
  • Digital PR Campaign of the Year
  • Social Media Campaign of the Year

Enter now for the opportunity to gain global recognition for your remarkable work.

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