Tired of snoozer internal events? Here’s how to reach employees

Leading communicators at Avnet, Honeywell, Southwest Airlines and Yahoo know how to make live events a productive means of messaging. Learn from their tips.

Why hold town halls?

It’s not good enough just to publish that directive on the intranet or hit the “send” button on a companywide email.

Research shows that when employees and leaders come together, there is more shared trust in goals. Yet so many organizations end up hosting events in which half the audience members are fiddling with their smartphones.

A free, downloadable guide from Ragan Communications and MediaPlatform will help you turn that around. “How to actively engage employees during live meetings” reveals the best tactics from communications powerhouses that have created highly engaged workforces.

Boost your internal comms—and your leaders’ profiles—with the help of Avnet, Yahoo, Honeywell and Southwest Airlines.

To earn respect and prove that they are willing to listen, leaders must step up in front and field employee questions—even the tough ones, successful communicators say.

“Knowing employees will get an answer takes out some of the fear of asking,” says Carolyn Clark, head of global internal communications for Yahoo.

Find out what kind of pre-event posters got employees buzzing at Honeywell, along with why Southwest Airlines holds “rallies” for its associates.

“We keep those messages as simple as possible,” says Southwest event specialist Natalie O’Donnell. “We explain that by coming to the rally, they’ll connect, learn and celebrate. They’ll meet senior leaders, and they’ll have the chance to celebrate our success.”

Download this free guide, and you’ll learn:

  • The best platforms for promoting your event
  • Ways to encourage questions at your staff gatherings
  • Why room layout matters
  • How anonymous questions foster transparency
  • Ways to reinforce messages and boost employee understanding
  • Prepping techniques for your leaders so the event’s a success
  • Pacing tips that will keep your event lively
  • How SurveyMonkey can play a role in your event
  • Why you shouldn’t forget your off-site employees—and how to include them

Local events should closely follow the format and transparency of nationwide events to generate employee engagement, says Mary Gibson, director of communications for Honeywell’s home and building technology division. When you get strong employee participation at the branch offices, you cement messages heard at the big events at headquarters.

“After employees have heard the company story at the high level, they need to talk about it from their perspectives,” Gibson says. “When your business unit has its own meeting, you can better understand the mission.”

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