To keep essential workers, build a better employee experience

Download this guide from PoliteMail on the best ways to keep your workforce happy and engaged.

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As companies search for ways to increase retention rates, employee experience has emerged as one of the most important aspects of modern company culture.

Companies have tested monetary incentives, luxury workplace amenities and an emphasis on teamwork and collegiality, among other tactics. PoliteMail offers a more holistic solution. Its guide to “Building a Better Employee Experience” argues that the best employee experience starts with a strong foundation.

The guide will walk you through a five-level hierarchy of priorities for a positive employee experience, including employee engagement and wellness initiatives.

The guide uses Southwest Airlines’ staffing difficulties as an example of what not to do—and provides alternatives, like:

  • How to use tools to measure and identify gaps in employee engagement
  • Tips for providing meaningful feedback to employees—and commending a job well done
  • How to show commitment to a company-wide DE&I policy
  • What a compassionate top-down communication plan looks like
  • How to promote employee wellness, particularly physical exercise

Building a happier, more satisfactory workforce doesn’t have to remain a mystery, but it does require a strong foundation. Download PoliteMail’s free guide today.

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