What do PR pros love most about their jobs?

While some communicators are writing sonnets to their sweethearts, these PR pros have a little extra room in their hearts for the profession they love.

Love is in the air; it’s Valentine’s Day again.

In honor of this occasion, I asked some PR pros what they love most about their career in public relations. Though the answers ranged from storytelling to relationship building and media relations, one thing is clear—PR pros adore what they do.

Creating concepts

“What do I love most? Coming up with a really big concept that challenges us and excites our clients,” answers Heidi Otway, VP of PR & Social Media at SalterMitchell. “The best part is when we make it happen, and it exceeds all of our expectations in terms of client ROI, impact and audience engagement. What a feeling!”

Maree Jones, a content strategist with Luckie & Company, agrees that creating concepts is one of the elements that makes PR a great career.

“I love seeing a client’s eyes light up when we suggest an angle or creative approach they haven’t considered. Even if they don’t ultimately sign off on the idea, those moments help ensure PR continues to have a seat at the table as a strategic partner.”

Endless learning

Tressa Robbins, vice president at BurrellesLuce, says the variety and endless learning are the reasons she loves PR. “I’m always learning something new! (Important for those of us with insatiable curiosity). No two days are alike.”

For Emma McKinstry, founder of 418 Communications, learning about different clients’ industries makes it fun.

“The opportunity to delve into each of my client’s respective industries, learning all about their world. Representing clients across a range of industries helps prevent things from getting stale or too mundane, and I’m always learning something new!”

Variety and change

For Christoph Trappe, founder of The Authentic Storytelling Project, the constant change is what keeps PR fresh.

“I enjoy the reality to be faced with constant change and the ability to adjust to it as best as possible.”

Michelle Barry, founder, Mesmerize Media Consulting, agrees. “I’ve been doing this for 15 years, and I can honestly say that I am NEVER bored. I don’t think I’ve ever had the same day twice.”

Relationship building

For others, it’s about building relationships.

Ts’epo Thibankhoe, a public relations practitioner who founded Presentation Wise, says, “I love building good relationships with stakeholders and engaging with the community as well through CSR (corporate social responsibility), fostering a good brand image and corporate identity.”

Jennifer Flores, account manager at Sammis Ochoa agrees. “I love being able share my clients’ stories with the community and creating relationships.”

Chloe De Young, PR manager at Element, says, “I love the relationships I get to build with my clients and their audiences as well as the media.”

Working with reporters

Irene Lo, PR Specialist at Magnolia Marketing Communications, actually enjoys working with the media (as hard as that may be for some PR pros to believe).

“Reaching out to media isn’t everyone’s favorite in PR. But working with media on behalf of your clients for a segment on the radio or an online story – there’s something about it. It gives you a taste of what it’s like in media, and it’s exciting to see your client’s story come out because of the work that you did.”

So there you have it, PR pros. Do you agree with these answers? What do you love most about your job in public relations?

Michelle Garrett is a PR consultant and writer at Garrett Public Relations. Follow her on Twitter @PRisUs or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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