What habits do highly productive writers have in common?

Although everyone writes at his or her own speed, some wordsmiths crank out pages at a dizzying pace. Adopt these routines to ramp up your word count.

Waiting for the muse to strike is a luxury most writers don’t have.

Though writing is most enjoyable when you are on a roll, most days spent assembling sentences are an arduous slog. When you’re out of ideas, the ink seems to dry up.

Many writers have discovered that daily habits increase the likelihood of breaking the logjam, and good writing takes daily practice.

This infographic from The Wiley Network outlines 12 habits of successful writers, focusing on how writers can churn out more words.

It offers these suggestions, among others:

Don’t “overtalk” your projects. Are you a “talker” or a “writer”?

Remember that stuff happens when you’re not “working.” Sometimes a breakthrough comes while you are walking the dog.

Know how to finish a draft. Sometimes you just have to wrap it up and come back to it later.

Work on more than one project at a time. One piece of writing might help inspire another.

What rules do you live by to keep the words flowing, PR Daily readers?

See the full infographic here:


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