What happens to online content when we die?

An emerging industry is focused on preserving people in cyberspace after they die.

The Internet affords us a lot of opportunities to post and search for content while we’re alive. But what about after we die?

It’s a pretty valid question, considering a whole lot of people have pictures or blog entries posted somewhere online. Mark Schaefer found some answers in his recent grow.com blog post. Companies, he discovered, are taking notice of this, and developing post-mortem file-sharing methods.

Functioning along the lines of a cyber will, “hundreds of resources” provide services that adapt to the 21st century’s digital age, Schaefer learned, including the following:

Dead Man’s Switch is a free service that notifies people you select via email that you’ve passed away, and goes 60 years into the future.

Entrustet will manage online money accounts such as PayPal or Adsense, acting as a “digital executor” of your online estate.

Lifenaut helps create an interactive avatar based on information supplied by you that friends and family can interact with after you’ve passed away.

My Wonderful Life allows you to create an online scrapbook of whatever you felt was important to you that loved ones can look through.

Read the full grow.com blog post.


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