What marketers can teach internal communicators

Marketers target specific audiences with certain messages, and internal communicators should be doing the same. Here’s one way they can.

Marketing and internal communications can sometimes seem worlds apart, but internal communicators could benefit from a few of marketing’s practices.

One example is targeting.

In this video, Mossy O’ Mahony, head of product development for Newsweaver, explains how internal communicators can target certain employees with specific information to ensure corporate messages resonate.

Say your organization is bringing in a new CEO, or wants to announce an acquisition. If you send an email to employees explaining the upcoming changes, you’ll want to know how many employees read the email, right? O’ Mahony explains how Newsweaver’s software can not only tell you who read the email, but allow you to send a follow-up email to the employees who did not read the first one.

It’s just one way internal communicators can take a cue from their co-workers in marketing.


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