What’s in your desk drawer at work?

Do your desk drawers look like overstuffed junk drawers? Whether they are filled with a stash of sweets or ‘real’ office supplies, you’ll enjoy this piece.

“What you keep in your desk at work says a lot about you.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Chana Schoenberger keeps the essentials for workplace emergencies in her desk drawer: cough drops, Advil, Band-Aids, an extra pair of stockings, bottles of water, and restaurant delivery menus.

What about you? Do you have a stock of extra supplies? Are you the go-to person for treats and sweets? Or do you keep supplies for wardrobe malfunctions stashed at the office?

“Of course, no matter how much you keep on hand, you can never be fully prepared,” writes Schoenberger. “I once broke a heel off my shoe while walking down the stairs at a work lunch. After hobbling through the event, I had to stumble to a shoe repair shop and wait in my stocking feet while the cobbler fixed my shoe.”

What’s in your desk at work?

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