Everyday DE&I

Incorporating inclusive principles in big and small ways to solve business problems

How to make DE&I part of your organization’s processes on a daily basis.

As communicators, we have the opportunity every day to make diversity, equity and inclusion a core part of the work we do. Whether we’re editing an email, planning a town hall, editing CEO talking points or working with HR, our intentional, daily commitment to inclusion can increase employee engagement and reduce turnover.

In this free guide from Ragan Consulting Group, you’ll come to understand the responsibility communicators have in modeling tone, approach, language and visuals. You’ll learn:

  • How to create an inclusive communications guide
  • How to avoid unconscious bias with conscious communication
  • The importance of avoiding performative action and responding authentically to cultural moments
  • Strategies for convincing hesitant leaders
  • Tips for responding to backlash over diversity work
  • And much more

Download this free guide today and start building your communications on a foundation of empathy and inclusion.

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