HarrisX/Ragan CEO-Communicators Perceptions Survey

Findings reveal CEOs perceptions of the communications function.

  • What do CEOs believe are the most important attributes and competencies of chief communications officers (CCOs)?
  • And where do CCOs think they bring the most value?
  • Do the two align?

About the Survey

Ragan Communications partnered with research consultancy HarrisX in the fall of 2022 to understand how CEOs and communications leaders view each other’s roles and responsibilities, what they value most, and when they believe responses to public policy issues are necessary.

The survey was conducted by HarrisX from Oct. 11-24 within the U.S. among 360 CEOs and other high-ranking senior communications professionals.

The findings of the survey were presented during the Nov. 1-2 Future of Communications Conference held during Communications Week 2022 in New York City.

Download the HarrisX-Ragan Key Findings Report here.

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