Whom do journalists trust more: politicians or PR pros?

A study gives a split decision, with political figures both trusted and distrusted more than public relations practitioners. The surprise winners? CEOs.

It’s tough for journalists to know whom they can trust in an era of hacking, spying, and online trolling.

Public relations pros would like journalists to trust them—for many, their jobs depend on it—but it’s not always the case. New research from the Oriella PR Network shows that, quantitatively, journalists trust PR pros slightly less than they trust politicians.

When asked which they distrusted more, politicians edged out PR pros. So journalists are just a tad more likely to trust politicians than they are PR pros, but they’re also more likely to outright distrust them.

It’s confusing, but the answers don’t really bode well for either group.

Company CEOs were relatively highly trusted, which is something to consider when you’re deciding whether to put your CEO in front of a camera.

The study states:

“The implication is that journalists here are tiring of covering the ‘official versions’ from mainstream sources, and are ready to pay greater heed to sources that are closer to the story and have less interest in glossing over the details.”

The study also shows that journalists generally turn first to corporate spokespeople for interviews.

Click here for the full study, The New Normal for News.

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