Why basic visual content won’t cut it anymore

See how the experts at Google, Yelp and Conde Nast are going above and beyond to engage audiences.

We’ve all heard the cliché—a picture is worth a thousand words.

You’ve probably also heard a thousand times about how visual content grabs attention, increases recall and sparks an emotional response.

So you slap a stock image on your social media posts and call it a day, right?

Unfortunately, it takes more than that to stand out. That’s why the experts at the Visual Communications and Infographics Conference are doing the following:

1. Conde Nast turns rows of boring data into emotionally compelling graphics.

2. Yelp uses the first three seconds of any social media video to hook audiences.

3. Google tells memorable visual stories by prioritizing the pre-production process.

Learn more expert strategies from these organizations and more by joining us from your desk for our live conference webcast.

You’ll get the expertise you need to create stunning visuals on a budget, get more eyes on your content and impress senior leaders with the ROI of your work.

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