Why organizations need a bring-your-own-device policy

To put it simply, allowing employees to access company information in ways they want to will help companies perform more efficiently and successfully.

“For decades employees always had access to better technology at work than they did in their personal lives,” Mossy O’ Mahony, head of product development at Newsweaver, says. “But in the last maybe 10 years, that’s changed.”

In this video, O’ Mahony and Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications, discuss why organizations should let employees use their personal devices in the workplace. Ultimately, it could help organizations operate more efficiently.

Because employees are demanding more of the technology at work, O’ Mahony says, internal communicators should encourage company leaders to allow employees to bring their own devices. Better technology will enable employees to communicate with each other better. And if employees can share information more easily and identify problems faster, the company will perform better.


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