Why should companies pursue and prioritize an employee ambassador program?

Workers are your greatest asset for productivity and profits. They can be a boon for recruiting, retention and morale, too—if you equip and empower them to drive messaging online.

How to get employee ambassadors online

Every business leader dreams of amassing a digital army of ambassadors and advocates, but most execs get gun-shy when the time comes to mobilize the troops.

It can be downright frightening to give employees carte blanche to voice their opinions about your company on social media, but Carlos Gil, an affiliate consultant with Ragan Consulting Group, explains how and why organizations should pursue this approach. First, you need a strategy.

Before turning your employees loose, Gil says, it’s crucial to establish the objective behind your ambassador program. Do you just want to increase mentions and brand awareness, or are you more interested in lead generation? Is it about sales, or boosting a specific campaign?

Next, Gil says to “put tools before rules,” which is an exhortation to consistently provide vetted content that’s ready to tweet. Provide specific examples of what is not OK to share, and keep the “approved” content flowing like a river.

How have you managed or launched your employee ambassador program? Please share your thoughts, suggestions and advice below.


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