Why we celebrate Memorial Day

The holiday has certainly evolved since it was conceived roughly 150 years ago.

Memorial Day has its roots in post-Civil War Waterloo, New York, which is credited with holding the first official Memorial Day commemoration.

The holiday has certainly evolved in the past 150 years or so. Now, Memorial Day is synonymous with barbecues, traffic leaving the city (and returning to the city). But few will dispute the importance of recognizing those who fought for all the freedoms we enjoy today. This includes the freedom to create infographics, which is among the increasingly practiced freedoms these days. UltimateCoupons.com (of all places) created this infographic that reminds us why we celebrate Memorial Day and how (including the fact that hickory is the most popular barbecue flavor). Although it’s a year old, the infographic still offers some useful information about the origins of this important holiday:

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