Why you should pitch mid-level bloggers

Smaller audiences mean stronger influence and deeper audience loyalty, as well as more time for the bloggers to engage those audience members.

If you look at bloggers as a spectrum and picture your mom’s blog on one end and the most influential blog on the other, there is a plethora of bloggers smack dab in the middle. These mid-level bloggers can do great things for your brand.

With a balance of reach and influence, a mid-level blogger’s recommendation holds a lot of weight.

Consider the results of a study in The Realtime Report. In working with 100 to 300 mid-level influencers, brands found they got 16 times higher engagement rates than if they were working with a small number of higher-status influencers. They also spent a lot less money on these campaigns.

Here are a few reasons why you should reach out to mid-level bloggers.

The smaller the community, the greater the influence

The results of an extensive study by Technorati show us that consumers believe a smaller audience indicates that the blogger has a greater level of influence.

A blogger with a small audience can engage on a more personal level, resulting in higher loyalty levels, which in turn gives recommendations from such bloggers more weight.

Loyalty and context

Because many bloggers have a niche, their audience is there to read about a very specific topic. Thus, a mid-level blogger who shares your brand’s niche has an audience comprising your target consumers.

Engagement should go both ways

It’s not big bloggers’ fault that they can’t engage with every audience member; there just is not enough time in the day.

That’s where the mid-level blogger comes in. Not only is that audience tweeting and posting their words, but they also have time to respond to those tweets, posts, and emails.

Consumers reach out to influencers for brand recommendations. If you have mid-level bloggers on your side, they have the time to respond with shining recommendations for your brand.

Easier to contact and easier on the budget

Because they are not inundated with pitches like big bloggers, mid-level bloggers’ response rates are much higher.

When it comes to sponsored posts, product reviews, and other paid-for tactics, the mid-level blogger is going to charge a lot less than a blogger who gets a ton of paid media offers. Often, their mention is free, and let’s not forget that free mentions are more sincere.

Kristen Matthews is the marketing and community manager for GroupHigh in Boulder, Colo. Contact her at Kristen@grouphigh.com, and follow her on Twitter @Kristenwords and @GroupHigh. GroupHigh is an option if you’re doing a lot of blogger outreach.

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